>The 10 Million Dollar Men of Rickey

>With the majority of free agency over and spring training underway it is time to look at the men in Rickey who will be cashing checks for ten million or more this season. Note we took into account those players who were receiving signing bonuses this year as a result of free agency. There were ten in all, each listed below in alphabetical order by team.

Paul Ishida– Detroit- 1B- 6 million Bonus + 7.6 million annually = 13.6 total
While Ishida lacks the power typical of a 1B he is still going to hit for a high average as well as walk a lot with his great eye at the plate. His glove will be adequate and he has room to grow.

Tanner Fields– Jackson- SP- 8 + 8 = 16
Fields is an innings eater with the potential to pop a big year here in there. The 16 million makes him the highest paid player this season but thankfully that will fall to 8 mill a year for the remainder of the deal.

Kevin Singleton– Jackson- SP- 5 + 6.5 = 11.5
Singleton is your classic sinker baller. He isn’t going to overpower anyone but hitters will walk back to the dug out more often than not. Especially if he can overcome the control problems of the past.

Angel Tarraga– Minnesota- RP- 10 + 5.5= 15.5
Tarraga is the type of pitcher that can take the ball every day and for multiple innings at times too. He was a relitive steal compared to the other releife pitchers who signed this off season.

Dwight Fox– Monterrey- RF- 0 + 10.21= 10.21
Fox is a 5 tool player. He is going to wow you with his bat but his speed is right there too. 40/40 seasons are in his future. So is a mega deal with his contract expiring this off season.

Omar Rivera– Nashville- 2B- 0 + 10.5= 10.5
While Rivera’s offensive stats will give him consideration for the MVP year in and out we still question his usefulness at 2B. He could end up costing his teams several runs, runs his bat will no doubt have created.

Floyd Westbrook– Omaha- RP- 8 + 6.2 = 14.2
Westbrook will fit in at the back end of the Omaha pen where they figure to be playing in many tight games. That said he is grossly overpaid for the next 5 seasons.

Bernnie Lee– Omaha- RP- 3 + 9 = 12
Lee is another addition to the Omaha pen and again while he will be usefully we question his usefulness 5 years from now when his contract will be set to expire.

Enrique Silva– Omaha- 3B 0 + 10 = 10
Silva was picked up in a trade this off season. While he has played SS his whole career it looks like a move to 3B is in his future in a move similar to A-Rod as the Indians already seem to have their SS on the roster.

Fred Lunsford– Scranton- SS- 5 + 8.95 = 13.95
Linsford was the premier position player available this off season. At age 30 his 5 year deal most likely will require a move to the hot corner before it expires but Lunsford should be a pillar in Scranton for the rest of his career.


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One Response to >The 10 Million Dollar Men of Rickey

  1. FishNasty says:

    >Good work. I was most disappointed in not getting Tarraga. I was #1 on him for over 24 hours and almost had him for about $20 million over 3 years. It wasn't until late in FA that his price started to rise dramatically.I was pleased to land Lunsford at what I thought was relatively cheap seeing how if was the premier position player available this off-season

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