>The NL East Preview (by Bastanredsox)

Welcome everyone to the NL East! This is Pete Incaviglia, with World Rickey News, reporting from Augusta. The season is coming up and spring training has started so I thought I would share with you my projections and analysis for the NL East. First, the projections, which I know you are so desperate to know.

1. Norfolk N’Way 98-64
2. Scranton StormTroopers 93-69
3. Dover Death Dealers 61-101
4. Augusta Nationals 55-107

First, let’s talk about the Norfolk N’Way. This team is stacked this year. Comparing them just in the division, they are ranked first in pretty much every category. They seem to have the best hitting, the best pitching, a good bench, and a good bullpen. That is a recipe for success, and why I put them on top of the NL East this year. Stuart Black is the frontrunner for MVP in the division, and what is scary is he is young at the age of 27. Norfolk will have a close eye on the youngster to help carry the offensive load this year as a rookie.

Next is the Scranton StormTroopers, who spent furiously and was active in the trade market this off-season to try and compete for this year. Scranton had a solid core group of players going in, but only had 14 players before free agency hints why he was so active to begin the new season. There will be a lot of new faces in Scranton this year, including these two new pitchers. Lou Riley instantly becomes Scranton’s ace this year as Scranton traded a ton to get this guy for a year and a shot to re-sign him this off-season. York Garland was traded to Scranton to give them a solid bullpen option. We caught up to Fishnasty, the owner of the Scranton StormTroopers, who had this to say, “We traded to get Yorky because we needed that stud back of the bullpen guy. This guy may be one of the best relief pitchers out there and we are hoping he gets into 100 games this season.”

Dover is next on the list, and is in a rebuilding stage at the bottom of the division. Dover seems to have some decent pitching to keep them in some games this year, but the offense is not there to withstand the pressure from the top two teams in this division. Dover looks like they want to stay competitive, but ahs to look at the realistic side of things and build for the future. One of those guys is Jimmie Matos, who is a young stud hitter that will kill NL pitching for years to come and a solid stepping stone for a rebuilding team.

Rounding out the NL East is the Augusta Nationals. This year will be a long tough year for the Nationals. It could get frustrating with one of the best rotations in the NL East, but no run support to back them up. The Nationals hope they can stay in ballgames from their pitching, because it looks like they will have a hard time scoring runs this year up in Augusta. While they have one of the better staffs in the NL, their lineup is atrocious and a laughing stock for the rest of the league’s pitching. BastanRedsox, the owner of the Augusta Nationals, had this to say, “I think this team has a chance to compete out there, I really do. If things go the right way, I could see us sneaking into first place or the wild card and shocking some people. I know we are a little light on the offensive side, but I think we have a good enough defense and pitching to win this thing. My GM Dusty Wagner has told me repeatedly that pitching and defense is what to build around to win it all, which tells me we have a very good chance this year. Are you ready to be a champion today?”

Until next time, that will wrap things up here in the NL East. With optimism around, rivalries starting, and a new year for fresh faces and old vets, this is Pete Incaviglia, with World Rickey News.


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