>July 4th Georgia Guidestones Protest – check out NFormDradio.com

>On July 4th, 2010 a band of concerned Americans will descend from all over the United States upon Elbert County, Georgia to protest the existence of the Georgia Guidestones.

Next to the South Carolina border in northeast Georgia, Elberton, the county seat of Elbert County, is the self proclaimed “Granite Capital of the World.” There are at least 42 active quarries supplying granite for monuments, counter tops and, of course, gravestones built and laid all over the world.
It’s a good bet that where ever you live in the United States there’s
a chunk of Elbert County nearby.

Located on Georgia Highway 77 between Hartwell and Elberton, these giant granite stones are often referred to as “America’s Stonehenge”, because of their similarity to the famous England landmark. While they have only been around for only a little over 20 years (officially unveiled March 1980), no one knows for sure who had them commissioned. A person who only identified himself as “R.C. Christian” which is a reference to Rosicrucian- ism later known as the “College of Invisible, a sect of freemasonry. Even he admitted that this was not his real name but acted as liaison for the bank, granite shop, and the “small group of Americans who seek an age of reason” and provided the money.
Nonetheless the stones for the monument were quarried just outside of Elberton at the Pyramid Quarry.

Composed of four “Guidestones,” a capstone and a central “Gnomes Stone,” the Guidestones are 19 feet tall, weigh 240,000 pounds, each on which is given the new commandments for a New Age in 8 modern languages and 4 dead ones.

Anger directed against the astronomically aligned stones inscriptions, has only grown more intense over the years.
On the hard hitting anti New World Order internet radio show
http://www.nformdradio.com callers have expressed grave concern to outrage over the Guidestones message and implications.
Many believe they call for a world court, a one world language,
reproduction restrictions, the Earth to be de-populated by upwards of ninety percent.
Some claim the Guidestones call for a New World Order global
government where personal rights are only granted through service to a tyrannical world state are the product of a Satanic cult.
All believe they express anti-constitutional senitment and have no
place on American soil.

The participants in this rally are certain that this is none other
than the same eugenics plot at an almost unimaginable scale by the
Anglo-American cartel that has been identified in recent years as the puppet masters of the globe through incremental implementation of a “New World Order”.

Invitation is extended to all Americans, see you there, for more information contact NFormD radio:
phone: 772-626-8938; nformdradio@yahoo.com
website: http://www.nformdradio.com

Visit . at: http://nformd.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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