>NL MVP RACE (by nefet)

>Taking a quick look through some of the hitters in the World Rickey NL, there are a few players that stand out as potential MVP candidates.

Predicting MVP seasons before the start of our inaugural season can be difficult. First of all, there are no past season stats to judge players on. Of course, both ratings and stats play a role in assessing players, so with half (depending on how much weight you give to each) of the information missing, picking the elite is a bit of a crap-shoot. It’s also somewhat difficult to know how teams will perform this season. For me, team success certainly factors into my MVP vote. In terms of value, a team not even in the playoff hunt can easily be not in the playoff hunt without their so-called MVP candidate, making me usually cast my vote elsewhere. But, this also brings up another point about why predicting the MVP is difficult: the award is decided by vote. Owners vote based on different criteria. Being season 1, I’m not sure of World Rickey’s tendency to vote for value. It’s an interesting topic in itself…What do you base your MVP vote on?

Here’s a few season 1 World Rickey potential NL MVPs:

Dick Weaver – Chicago Choking Goats

With that 100 Durability, Very strong defensive Catcher abilities and the hitting ratings in the right spots, Weaver has an outside sort to have an excellent, elite type of season. Chicago looks to have a competitive team, which can only help Weaver’s chances at a nomination. The controversial trade, trade reversal, and trade once again, may have been a stumbling block in the smooth start up of World Ricky, but in the end, the events only showcased the high quality of some owners here. In a World that seems to be busting with quality Catchers, Weaver might even end up being worth the 8 million over the next four season.

Omar Rivera
– Nashville Rednecks

It’s tough to get a read on how the Rednecks’ will place this season. They might be one of the teams that needs a guy like Rivera to carry them more than some other teams. Omar’s numbers are slightly lower than a few other players, but he has balance all over the place…including very good speed and defensive ratings that make him versatile. Some say he can even pitch. The real question is if he’ll have anyone to bat in though. At 26, his massive contract should be well worth the $50+ million over 5 years, regardless of any MVPs won or not.

Edgar Romero – Fresno Grizzlies

Romero is another hitter with the right numbers in the right places. His team looks solid, well balanced and fast. Romero adds to that team speed with a 97 rating and a 96 in base running IQ. Add to that his 97 for power, and he’s a guy that’ll waste no time touching them all in many home run trots. Defensively, he lacks a bit in LF, although that shouldn’t hurt him too much if the gap between his production and others’ is wide enough.

Stuart Black
– Norfolk N’Way

Black looks to be an awesome hitter in what maybe is a low contact World. Like Weaver, he’s a 100 durability Catcher. His defense isn’t quite as good as Weaver’s, but good enough for sure. Health may be an issue, as it dips below the 70s level, but with randomness being such a factor in that department, that could be said for some of the other guys. I would be surprised to not see Black at the top of the league batting average at the end of the season, if not being clearly the batting champ well before the season is done, especially with the N’Way’s very solid group of hitters and Pitchers. Stuart Black is my prediction to with the NL award, followed closely by Romero.

Others that made the short list: Jimmie Matos (Dover Death Dealers); Cookie Sanchez (Toronto Tiger Tanks); Andrea Thompson (Salem Salamanders); Fred Lunsford (Scranton StormTroopers); Bret Hudek (Boise Bombers).


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2 Responses to >NL MVP RACE (by nefet)

  1. toddleduc says:

    >Dwight Fox is personally insulted that you didn't even mention Dwight Fox in your write up. Dwight Fox will show you what Dwight Fox is all about! Dwight Fox will make it Dwight Fox's personal mission to be the first 40/40 hitter in World Rickey and lead the Monterrey Southern Lights to the division title. And in honor of Rickey, Dwight Fox will refer to himself in the first person all season long. Dwight Fox also has his $1 million dollar bonus check framed on his wall, just like Rickey. That's all Dwight Fox has to say right now. Dwight Fox will let his game speak for Dwight Fox.

  2. toddleduc says:

    >OK… so Dwight Fox just noticed that you just wrote about the National League guys. Dwight Fox is sure you'll talk about Dwight Fox in the AL MVP race. Dwight Fox is hanging with Rickey right now.Yeah, this is Ricky here. Rickey is in the house and Rickey says hello to all you guys out there. Rickey is honored that you named a World after Rickey. About time Rickey got some respect. Rickey says this Dwight kid is too legit to quit. Rickey says Fox for MVP. And it's Rickey's World. You only live it.

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