>The Win Floor

>Okay with the recent discussions about the win floor here is a little bit about the win floor, why it is in place, the appeals process and more.

Q: What is the win floor?

A: The win floor is 55 games a season and 120 over two seasons.

Q: Why a Win Floor?

A: Some may be asking why there is a win floor and the answer for that is fairly simple. The win floor is in place to prevent a few things. 1. Tanking for better draft picks, 2. holding back of ML ready talent to amass several superstars who are in their pre arbitration years 3. transferring millions of dollars to the prospect budget and loading up on IFAs.

Q: What if I do not hit the Win floor?

A: If you do not hit the win floor you can appeal to the 5 person committee to be allowed to stay for the following seasons. The committee consists of kneeneighbor, nfet, soxyanks, zbrent, and joshkvt.

Q: What are grounds to appeal?

A: You can appeal for any reason; your mom passed away and you missed a part of the season, you didnt understand the game at the start, a rash of injures etc. The committee will rule on your appeal based on their own opinions on the situation.

Q: What do I do to appeal?

A: You will need to provide reasoning as to why you failed to make it as well as what you plan to do to make sure you do not fall short the following season. Think of it this way, the owner of the club has called you on the carpet and wants to know what the hell went wrong and what you are going to do to fix it. Almost like George floating it out to the news paper that your job is on the line.


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One Response to >The Win Floor

  1. joshkvt says:

    >What vote is needed to win an appeal? Unanimous agreement to let an owner return or majority?

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