>Featured Post – Milestones to Watch

>Originally posted in the Clarkson Chronicle – Saturday, August 28

Last season in Clarkson we saw some amazing milestones fall. Al Roberts and Brutus Urich became the first members of the 3000 hit club. Pat Sutton became the first and only 300 game winner.

What does this season have in store? Let’s take a look:

3000 Hits & 800 Home Runs

This season Raul Urbina has the unique opportunity to join two elite clubs. Urbina sits at 2902 hits and 766 home runs. The hit milestone should come, but the home runs may be harder to come by. Urbina has begun to slow down in the power department over the last few seasons, so it may take until Season 19 to eclipse 800.

All-Time Walks Leader

Brutus Urich currently has 1334 career walks. The current all-time leader Orlando Ozuna holds the record with 1406. Should Urich perform at his normal level he should surpass Ozuna as the all-time walks leader sometime late in the season.

700 Stolen Bases

Thurman sits only 17 steals away from becoming the second player in Clarkson to reach 700 stolen bases. Although we don’t believe he’ll yet reach all-time leader Felipe Johnson, who holds the record with 757, barring an unforeseen injury 700 should fall.

2000 Runs Scored

Harry Garces currently has 1910 runs scored, one of the most important stats in all of baseball. Only two players have ever reached 2000, all-time leader Raul Urbina and the great Al Roberts. A typical season from Garces should see him become the third.

100 Complete Games

The incomprable Vincenzo Wakeland starts the season with an incredible 93 career complete games. Although 7 may be hard to accomplish in one season he’s done it before, achieving as many as 14 in Season 8, so we’ll keep an eye on him.

500 Games Started

Last season we watched as Jerome McDonald attempted to become the first pitcher in Clarkson history to achieve 500 games started. Ultimately his season, and apparently his career, would come to a close due to elbow surgery. This season we find Gerald Gardner and Pat Sutton knocking on this elusive door. Sutton begins Season 17 needing 29 starts and Gardner 30. They’ll both have to play at their usual high level of durability if they hope to to be the first to 500.


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