>The Rude Awakening & Hardball Dynasty News

>The Rude Awakening is a New World Order related talk radio show featuring Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies, and more in-your-face threats to our Sovereignty like the United Nations.

I run this show at midnight-2am Pacific 5 nights a week M-F. At times callers can overwhelm the topics at times, but you can count on my always returning to the root subject and why I think its so important to wake up every person I can.

I fear for the future of not only my own country but the future of the world. We may be amongst revelations or some other fantastic catastrophe, but I think most of us sense something sinister on the horizon regardless.

In spite of the doom and gloom I try to describe the scope and depth of what may be behind all of our current misrery and what, if anything we can do to fight it.

The 1970s seemed like the good ol’days in comparision to the curruption and corporate greed we’re seeing now.

I really think tough times make better people. Its then when you know who your real freinds are and what you are really capable of. I can only hope that mankind world wide all step it up and commicate and fight back in a wise manner. We must be a disverse and Intelligent as those behind the scenes and youre going to have to find people to call allies.

In a world where a lot of us dont get along with our families (by Design, its hard to trust anyone), we are going to face hard times and its going to take trust in others to pull the Regular People through. Healtcare bill coming up, Oil Spill to clean up and help pay for. The Debt. Food Shortages. Survival. Spiritual Faith is the one thing I won’t lose Focus on. It is my job to ask for and pass on the knowlege I have. I will always give my best effors.

Hardball Dynasty guys I have forgotten about you or the HBD news. Besides my wife, baseball is my first love and one thats never left me. It seems you guys like the 1 hour format as said in the poll.

I may end up compromising and give you 1 hour HBD Nes & the 2nd hour will be random radio or alternaive news. This way you can just listen that first hour for Hardball and toss the rest.

I have to do it this way because I get 2 episodes a day. They can be one or two hours long. I screw myself out of the 2nd hour if I put nothing there.

Anyways regardless of what happens during my tryout with freedomizer this thursday, I intend to continue my own project on knucklebones Radio.

I will have an episode on for you hardballers today.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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