>The Near Future & The Next Freedomizer

>It may have been by default and I am not the only “next” Freedomizer. I did get the gig as a host with them on Tues. & Thurs. from 10-12pm Pacific time. They are the biggest/baddest branded radio station on Blogtalkradio and I know it costs a pretty penny to afford the branded. I guess its not “real” radio but that also depends on your perception. I know this is a big step up for me and what I’d like to do. I’ve had no bigger stage to share my wisdom with those who will have it. If only the reason I was there wasn’t so dire, this would be a lot more enjoyable. I know for too many reasons to number that Im lucky to have the opportunity. Thanks to Proof Negative for the opportunity and all the listeners for their support of this regular guy.

This isn’t a job with pay, but the return is immeasurable. I like the fact that as long as people walk the earth that my podcasts will be out there somewhere. Not to say anyone will listen, but they will be there, Some of the people in my family and friends I lost touch with will get to know the me I’ve come to be. Pretty much the guy they always knew and love minus the weight on my shoulders. Life is good.

The world around me not so much. Wars and rumors of war. Corrupt governments, religions, corporations, and their secret societies. The normal rivalries and mud-slinging that goes on in any competitive environment is not excluded here.

The Truth is a hot topic. Slap New World Order somewhere on the title and wind it up and let it go. You get your share of trolls and people that’ll tell you you’re crazy. You get your allies but even they disagree on certain things. I encourage anyone who seeks this knowledge to do your homework and take all of what you hear and weigh it out. I think most of us podcasters/radio hosts/bloggers do it for the right reasons. Of course its also human nature to think of yourself.

I make no bones about it. I came into seeking the truth with the intention of learning more. It developed into some podcasts. I’ve found that I have a knack for it and some others have noticed too. I will work to not only promote my own show, but to share the truth as I see it. I will never be sold out for any reason.

This being said, those that promote searching for truth will of course say this also. Listen to them all and decide for yourself. Just do yourself a favor and don’t blindly follow along with what anyone feeds you. Once again its human nature for all of us to put ourselves first. True growth comes when you can put others first. Its a fine line and it all comes back around.

Im going to have Anthony Antonello on from WeAreChange NY/PA, and have heard that I may have a part of Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge) also being interviewed on Freedomizer. Hes obviously someone who wants to be left alone but Im sure he can share a different take on his situation than the media gave us.

I’ve also been in contact with someone who has studied and has knowledge of E.L.F. weapons used by the government on the citizenry. Since I’ve experienced certain technologies in the past, I can buy into these weapons being used.

All this and simulation baseball/Hardball Dynasty News from Whatifsports.com too! A full plate.

Did I mention we do sovereignty on Tues. & Thurs.? We’ve got P1C on with us on the Rude Awakening that actually lives it. Not so much in a legal sense, but a not feeding the beast sense and a simple lifestlye. Come check out all of my episodes and let your friends know.

Callers/Chatters are always stars of the show. All respectful points of view are welcome. Lets find the answers to problems we face together. I won’t tell you what you want to hear, but I’ll tell you the truth.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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