>Thank You

>A big thanks goes out to all of those who participated in the polls. Please encourage your league members to answer if they get a chance. Also many thanks for all the podcast listens. That makes it all worthwhile.

Ditto for the great work of TomJames (aka the computer) & FW_Kekionga for maintaining a smooth running blog.

Remember that all episodes are available through many different means 24/7/365 @ Knucklebones Radio. Just scroll down the page and look through the episodes and find the HBD ones.

Also available through Itunes (Knucklebones Radio\Blogtalkradio podcasts) RSS, blubrry, & and you can also copy paste the button to your blog. Fwiw I think Itunes is the most organized if you use it. They separate my different shows that way you only get HBD.

You can listen on the phone during live shows at 347-934-0696 – press 1 to comment, nothing to listen.

Remember to sign up for blogtalkradio with an email and be able to use the chat during live shows and also try radio. I will support your program 100% and help any way I can if you decide you like it and want to run your own. The chat button is near the player on the blogtalkradio/knucklebones show page. Its green. Can’t miss it. You have to have an account to chat/do radio, but you can watch the chat without.

Sharing the blog on facebook, myspace, twitter, and any other social networking sites help the shows popularity. Its simple to do and gives us motivation to bring you a better show. Please support us by clicking and sharing. You can also click the heart on the blogtalkradio player. Please do that so they know you like us.

I am the voice you hear on the radio but a lot of effort has been put in by other people, especially FW_Kekionga & TomJames. Its been an up and down almost 8 months of radio and I’d like to think we’ve gotten better at it and found ways to make it more interesting and fun. Suggestions are always welcome and we’re always looking to add people to the team. Sitemail any of us and we’ll hook it up.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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