>As far as Im concerned the polls are closed except for how often you would like a show done.

Poll 1 HBD chat OR BTR chat – indifferent, I’m choosing BTR because its easier for me. (get an account free)

Poll 2 Rss Feeds (HBD wide) OR TWIHBD (Your league) – Vote was even, you want both.

Poll 3 1 or 2 hour shows – 1 hour with a vengence.

Poll 4 Current (this season) OR Historic (Past seasons) – Vote even, you want both.

Poll 5 is still up for awhile. The less often I do the show for your league, the more leagues I can include obviously.

So a permanent schedule would look something like 2 shows a day 1 hour each. 1 show TWIHBD, the other HBD wide. My only question is would you want current & historic in the same episode or separate? So theres a new Poll for you.

I think once a month is a winner. That gives the leagues we choose 3 shows a season that focus on their league with both current & historic news. I’d say a current/historic/current deal would work.

M-F would be TWIHBD (this week in your league) & RSSHBD (rss feeds hbd wide) On Saturdays we’d do the wildly popular “HBD Roundtable” – This would be a 2 hour episode hopefully to include the computer TomJames or YOU if you’d like to try it. No need to make an appointment for that saturday show, just call in 347-934-0696 during that live show. We can talk league openings, forum material, forum questions, rookie players/noob questions, champions list, hbd wide all time leaders etc.

So far that is a rough schedule – 20 leagues would get exclusive news based on our podcast listen numbers and nothing else. This would be something you could change by getting new members or ones that haven’t listened yet to do so and pump up your numbers and ours.

I do have to pay into the radio to run it 40$ a month. The more popular the show the less I have to pay. I think my highest discount was 12$ or so in my best month over the past nine months, so it’s about making it worth our while.

I’ve had fun doing it and I know the other guys get a kick out of it too. We’ve been at it nearly 9 months and its just now starting to get attention so we’re happy about that. Thanks for listening and participating.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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