>MLB World Rules

>Here are the rules that all of the MLB World members have agreed to by playing in this world. If they are not followed, then the owner will be replaced.

Competition Committee
There is a five person competition committee consisting of myself, bighead34, tk21775, mlhutch, and train. This committee exists to provide checks and balances on the commissioner (myself) so that I can not make changes unilaterally. The committee will review any rules violations and then vote and majority rules.

Anti Tanking Rules

1. More than 200 losses over a two year period and the owner will be asked to state their case as to why they should be allowed to stay. If allowed to stay the owner must reach 70 wins or be replaced.

2. Extended losing streaks or trends at the end of the season will be reviewed above and beyond the 200-win requirement. Teams are expected to maintain a level of competitiveness throughout the entire season. It is not acceptable to lose towards the end of the season to secure a higher draft slot.

Gameplay Rules

3. Owners must keep their minor league teams intact. This includes having enough pitchers to avoid fatigued pitchers and also covering all of the positions. (Not enough money in the budget is not an excuse as budgeting is an important part of the game…you’ll need to make some moves to free up payroll).

4. Using tandem pitchers for the specific reason of telling the AI who you want to be the first pitcher out of the bullpen is perfectly fine. However, it is NOT ok to deceive the other owner to gain a platoon advantage. Starting Pitchers should have their target pitch count set to at least 60. If you choose to not to use a target pitch count, then the max pitch count should be set to at least 60. (exceptions may apply in extreme circumstances)

5. If cash is included in a trade then the cash can NOT exceed the player salary going with it. (Example is player A makes 2 million…you can NOT trade 5 million and the player)

6. You must protect your players for the 40 man roster! Plenty of time to do so once budgets are set to protect your players for the Rule V Draft. There will be no “I had something come up, please take pity on me and trade me my player back.”

7. If a team signs a “Type A” or “Type B” player than that player can NOT be traded until after the amateur draft. This only applies to free agents you sign from other teams NOT your own players you re-sign.

8. When a trade is completed, any major league player involved is immediately to be moved to “Rest” and any minor league player involved is to be put on the inactive roster. This is to prevent fatigue and/or injury. If a starting pitcher (ML) is traded and is scheduled as next starter (therefore can not be rested), his pitch count should be set at minimum and then he should be placed on “rest” immediately thereafter.

Other Rules

9. Trade chats and proposals must be responded to in 48 hours…even if it is to say “hey, i saw your chat/proposal, but I’m busy, give me some time to get back to you.” Please send me a private trade chat if this rule is not being observed.

10. The world chat is to be used for discussion and debate, however you must keep it civil. Personal attacks will not be acceptable.

12. Our goal is always to have a very quick rollover. We all have 3 months to renew for the following season. There will no longer be a grace period once rollover occurs. If you are not renewed then you will be replaced. If there is an issue with your renewal, please contact me immediately, do not wait until rollover!

11. I reserve the right to add to these rules. Usually I’ll put a matter up for a vote and we’ll see what everyone thinks.


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