>Top FA 2B

>This is a very weak group. I’m tempted to just list the one guy who’s worth anything, but I’m going to go ahead and do the top 3 like I do with every position.

  1. J.R. Miner BOS (4 yrs – $32.4M)
    J.R. is a very good player. He’s got solid range with a solid glove. He has great speed. He’ll make contact with some power while doing an excellent job of getting on base via the walk. He’ll hold his own against righties, while hitting a little better against lefties. His main weakness is that his arm isn’t very strong.
  2. Dick Ducey
    Ducey will hit for some power, but struggle to make consistent contact. He can hold his own against most pitchers. He’s got a decent eye, but doesn’t have the speed one would expect out of 2B. He’s got horrible range and a very weak arm, with a below average glove and accuracy. He’d be best suited to play LF.
  3. Terrence Webb
    Webb has great range to go with a good glove, solid arm and accuracy. He’s probably more suited to a platoon situation as he will struggle against righties. He can make some contact, although he doesn’t have much power. He has a decent eye and should hold his own against lefties. Not a base running threat.

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