>Top FA SS

>This is the positional group with some stars in it. The best free agent of the class plays this position.

  1. Pat Dunston MIN (4 yrs – $68.0M)
    Dunston has it all. He plays good defense has good durability and great speed. He can hit for power and average. He can really drive the ball no matter who he’s facing. If you’re going to nit-pick about something, it has to be that he doesn’t reach base as much as you would like. He truly is the best player on the market and can definitely be a game-changer for whoever signs him.
  2. Clark Glover TOR (4 yrs – $46.0M)
    Clark plays a pretty SS in his own right. He’s not likely to win a GG, but he won’t be a liability either. He makes good contact and can really drive the ball. Great speed and great durability mean he’ll steal a lot of bases. He can work the count pretty well too. Another game-changer.
  3. Carson Podsednik CIN (3 yrs – $18.0M)
    If you’re looking for another game-changer, you’re out of luck…Carson is not it. If you’re looking for a guy who might win a GG playing SS while not being a complete black hole on offense, Carson is your guy. He is an amazing defensive SS…maybe the best in the league. He doesn’t have much power, but won’t strike out too much either. He’s got a decent eye to go with average speed. He’s very inconsistent at putting good bat on the ball.

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