>Top RF

>Once you get past the top 2, you really struggle to find much nice to say about this group of scrubs.

  1. Harold McKnight (LA)
    A quality player, McKnight could potentially win the GG at RF with his defense. He’s makes contact more often than not and with his power, any one of those hits could go yard. He does a good job of driving the ball consistently. He’s going to get on base quite a bit as well as steal some bases.
  2. Ernest Cambridge (FLA)
    A mediocre defender, Cambridge survives thanks to his great power and ability to hit LHP. He struggles somewhat against RHP. He knows the strike zone well and should reach base, where he can put his speed to good use. He will get caught stealing some though. He’s not going to strike out much.
  3. Javier Mercado (NY1)
    A solid player, he’s an average defender with good durability. He makes good contact and has some power to go along with it. He does well against LHP but isn’t going to do a whole lot against RHP. He struggles with working the count. He’s got good speed and should be able to get some IF hits and stolen bases.

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