>Owner Offseason Evaluation: New York Empire.

>Needs going into the off season:
#5 starting pitcher
bullpen help
offensive shortstop
offensive catcher
center fielder
right fielder
Big bat for DH

Overall, I need to improve on the offensive this season while maintaining the pitching staff and defense.

Signed SS free agent Felipe Valenzuela. He should fill the need at short stop, both offensively and defensively.

Re-signed Davey Jacquez to help in the bullpen.

Signed free agent pitcher Chet Sweeney to fill out the bullpen. Sweeney along with Jacques back in short relief should really solidify my bullpen.

Counting on moving AAA pitcher Perry O’Donnell to the majors for long relief. He and King Lieber should really put a lot of depth in the bullpen as long relief pitchers.

Counting on moving AAA pitcher Roger Rollins for a #5 starter in the rotation. This may be a season too soon for Rollins, but I need a #5. We’ll see how he does in spring training.

Looking to move Robin Corbin and Frank Sierra to the majors this year to help in the outfield at RF and CF. Again, this may be a year too early, but I need the help now. I would plug them into thhe outfield as their defensive numbers aren’t made for the SS position. Also could bring up Carl Hutton again for CF help.

All in all, if my minor leaguers come through, I’ve met most of my needs this season, other than at catcher, but I’m happy with my defensive catchers there. I also did not get a big bat for the DH, so I will probably use Corbin and a couple of others for DH throughout the season. I may be rushing some of the position playersw to the majors, but I feel my window is very small for winning before I have to look at breaking the team up and rebuilding.

Bottom line si, if my minor leaguers can coome through, New York should be in good shape for the season.


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