>National League South Preview


Atlanta Jets

Offense: C+
Defense: D
Pitching: C
Best Player: Tarrik Watkins (LF)
Prediction: First Place
Biggest Question: Can Atlanta make the playoffs once again this season?

Jackson Rebels

Offense: C
Defense: F
Pitching: C-
Best Player: Vic Bennett (C)
Prediction: Second Place
Biggest Question: They have the offense, but can the pitching staff keep up?

Mexico City Las Lluvias

Offense: C-
Defense: D-
Pitching: C-
Best Player: Ray Romero (C)
Prediction: Third Place
Biggest Question: Team is still rebuilding but will they show improvement this season?

Nashville Redneks
Offense: C-
Defense: D-
Pitching: C
Best Player: Don Stevenson (SS)
Prediction: Fourth Place
Biggest Question: If a team can not hit or play defense, can a team win?

The Nashville Rednecks have fallen on some hard times since they won the National League South division during year one. Last season the team posted there worst record in franchise history with 65-97 record. Nashville will have a young team once again this season as well but there is talent at the major league level. The team will go through some growing pains but should show a slight improvement over last season.

The Nashville offense will have no trouble pounding the ball over the fence but will once again struggle with getting runners on base. Nashville needs to cut down on the National League leading 1191 strikeouts, as they killed too many rallies last season with them. The Rickey low of 439 walks needs to be improved as well.

On the defensive side, Nashville had 124 errors last season and I do not see any improvement in that area for this team.


Elroy Collins
Minor League Last Season

Collins is a below-average hitter, with some good power in his bat. Collins should be a nice backup this season. Hitting Grade: C-
Collins is a poor fielding catcher at this point of his career. Collins can hardly make a throw to second base in what we call the “Ruby Effect”. Fielding Grade: D-
Overall Grade: D+

J.D. Lindsey
(.313Ave, 19HR, 54RBI, 227AB)

Lindsey is an above average hitter with a little pop in his bat. Lindsey play in a limited role last season but still managed to hit a homerun ever 11.95 AB. Hitting Grade: C+
Lindsey is a poor defensive catcher that struggles at times with the handling of the pitching staff. Fielding Grade: D-
Overall Grade: C


Vincenzo Van Hatten
(.233Ave, 37HR, 82RBI, 78R)

Van Hatten is a poor hitter with a big power bat. Van Hatten tied for the team led in homeruns (37) and averaged a homerun for every 3.2 hits. Hitting Grade: D+
Van Hatten is a average defensive first basemen that can dig out short hops on a regular basis. Fielding Grade: C
Overall Grade: D+


Michael Mori
(.258Ave, 5HR, 34RBI, 34 Doubles)

Mori is a poor hitter that struggles against right handed pitchers. Mori had a team best 34 doubles. Hitting Grade: D+
Mori is a poor defensive second basemen. His problem is not getting to the ball, his problem is fielding the ball cleanly. Fielding Grade: D-
Overall Grade: D


Sherman Carpenter
(.389Ave, 13HR, 36RBI, 157AB)

Carpenter is an above average hitter with some good pop in his bat. Carpenter only played 37 games for Nashville last season. Hitting Grade: C+
Carpenter is a horrible fielding third basemen. He has limited range and tends to short hop balls to first base. Fielding Grade: F
Overall Grade: C


Don Stevenson
(.320Ave, 20HR, 68RBI, .380OBP)

Stevenson is a good hitter that sprays the ball to all parts fields and has a little pop in his bat. Stevenson was the only everyday player to hit over .300 for Nashville last season. Hitting Grade: B-
Stevenson is not a very good shortstop at this point of his career. Really needs to improve his accuracy and glove work. Fielding Grade: F
Overall Grade: C+

Miguel Baerga
(.248Ave, 1HR, 16RBI, 133AB)
Baerga is a poor hitter, with almost no power in his bat. Baerga was mostly used off the bench last season and should fit into the same role this season. Hitting Grade: D
Baerga is a very poor fielding shortstop. Baerga would fit better in the outfield, then any position in the infield. Fielding Grade: F
Overall Grade: D


Evan Brock
(.246Ave, 2HR, 16RBI, 15SB)

Brock is an average hitter but does have great speed for a right fielder. Brock only played 65 games for Nashville last season. Hitting Grade: C-
Brock is a average fielding right fielder. Brock has does have a weak arm for a right fielder. Fielding Grade: C
Overall Grade: D

Javy Castillo
(.262Ave, 37HR, 94RBI, 68R)

Castillo is a good hitter with monster size power. He tied for the team leader in Homeruns (37) and led the team in RBI’s with 94. Hitting Grade: B-
Castillo is an average defensive catcher that struggles at times with the handling of the pitching staff. Fielding Grade: C
Overall Grade: C+

Herb Douglas
(.231Ave, 3HR, 15RBI, 44G)

Douglas a subpar hitter. He struggles to make contact on a regular basis but does have a little power in his bat. Douglas played only 44 games last season. Hitting Grade: D
Douglas should not even be relied on to play any kind of good defensive in right field at this point of his career. Fielding Grade: D
Overall Grade: D

Gordon Meulens
(.248Ave, 9HR, 43RBI, 46R)

Meulens is an average hitter but does struggle sometimes to make good contact with the ball on a regular basis. Hitting Grade: D+
Meulens is the best fielding left fielder on the team. He can catch most of the fly ball hit his way but can make some great diving plays as well. Fielding Grade: B
Overall Grade: C-

Rich Ledee
(.305Ave, 10HR, 30RBI, 177AB)

Ledee is an average hitter with a good amount of power in his bat. Ledee was mostly used as a pinch hitter last season. Hitting Grade: D+
Ledee has a better glove then Meulens in left field but can not get some of the balls that Meulens can get but he is still a grade fielder. Fielding Grade: B-
Overall Grade: D+

Carl Witt
(.268Ave, 6HR, 47RBI, 40SB)

Witt is a horrible hitter that strikes out to much for a leadoff hitter. Witt can steal bases with the best them but he needs to get on base more if he wants to be considered one of the best stealers in the game. Hitting Grade: D-
Witt is a big liability in centerfield for Nashville. Witt has trouble not only getting to the balls hit but has trouble catching them as well. Fielding Grade: F
Overall Grade: F

Nashville pitching staff will once bring this team down. The starting rotation does not have a clear number one starter, the starters struggled to make it past five innings and they walk to many batters. The bullpen does not have a clear closer and the pitchers will once again be relied on to pitch a ton of innings. If Nashville can find a closer early in the season, then the relievers should do better with knowing their roles during the season.


Aaron Peterman
(10-9, 3.76ERA, 167.2IP, 1.39WHIP)

Peterman is an average starting pitcher that can give you a good 5-6 innings on most nights. Peterman does at time have control issues but that did not stop him from being the only starting pitcher for Nashville to post a winning record and have an ERA under 4.
Overall Grade: C

Dave Jordan
(7-11, 4.32ERA, 162.2IP, 1.36WHIP)

Jordan is a below average starting pitching will struggle at times, especially against left-handed hitters. Jordan has the best control out of any starting pitcher for Nashville, which would explain his starting pitching best 1.36 WHIP.
Overall Grade: C-

Esmailyn Pena
(9-10, 4.69ERA, 184.1IP, 3CG)

Pena is a below average starting pitcher that was the workhorse for Nashville last season. Pitched the most innings for the team with 184.1 innings pitched. It was feast or famine last season for Pena, who one day would have a dominating complete game outing, to getting shelled in the first couple innings last season.
Overall Grade: C-

Johnny Stark
(5-14, 5.46ERA, 174.2IP, 180SO)

Stark is an average starting pitcher with a ton of control issues. The Wild Thing walked 138 batters last season but his 180 strikeouts led the team. Opponents only hit .241 against him and he only gave up 15 homeruns but his 1.71 WHIP was one of the worst for any starting pitcher.
Overall Grade: C-

Jermaine Braden
(6-10, 4.60ERA, 121.1IP, 1 SHO)

Braden is an average starting pitcher that is still young and improving but does struggle against left-handed hitters. Braden did struggle in most of his starts last season but did show signs that the potential is there with his first career shutout last season.
Overall Grade: C


Willie Johnson
(2-3, 4.70ERA, 2-3 Saves, 28SO)

With Fred Williams leaving for greener pastures, Nashville has to wonder if Johnson can step up to the plate and become a effective closer this season. He has the skills to be a good closer but does he have the mental make-up for it?
Overall Grade: C

Tatsuya Zhou
Rule 5 Draft Pick

Zhou will probably be used as another long reliever or a spot starter. He is only 23 years old, so he might be sent back to the minors if he struggles early.
Overall Grade: D+

Gene Fleming
Rule-5 Draft Pick

Fleming will probably be used as another long reliever or spot starter. With Nashville’s starting staff not always going into the late innings, Fleming will be looked upon to had some needed relieve.
Overall Grade: C-

Earl Phillips
(4-3, 4.78ERA, 64IP, 47SO)

Philips should be a reliable set-up man, who should not struggle as much as he did last season this season. He will still have trouble against right-handed hitters but at the same time he can be dominating against the left-handers.
Overall Grade: C-

James Workman
(3-3, 4.55ERA, 85IP, 71G)

Workman lived up to his name with pitching in more games than any other Nashville reliever and the most innings as well. Workman will once again be looked upon to provide some much needed innings, even though he will give up a big inning or two during the season.
Overall Grade: C

Bob Acquilino
(3-2, 3.53ERA, 43.1IP, .248OAV)

Acquilino provided some good relieve last season but he still needs to stay away from left-handed hitters. If Nashville can keep him in the game only against the right-handed hitters, then he should pitch very well once again this season.
Overall Grade: C

Delwyn Lawrence
(3-2, 5.44ERA, 49.2IP, 45SO)

Lawrence struggled at times last season and gave up some big runs. Nashville has to be careful about how much they use him this season. With other, more reliable arms this season, Lawrence’s role should be reduced.
Overall Grade: C


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