>Top FA SP


  1. Scott Brede (15-12, 6CG, 248.1IP, 3.48ERA, 1.20WHIP)
    Signed w/COL (4 yrs/$56.0M; No-Trade; Mutual)
    Great stamina and durability. Brede has a great pitch, 2 good pitches, and 2 average pitches. He’s solid against RHB, and average against LHB. He’s got great control. He doesn’t throw hard. He’s going to get a lot of groundballs.
  2. Alving Fernandez (13-8, 215.2IP, 3.51ERA, 1.34WHIP)
    Signed w/COL (5 yrs/$90.7M; No-Trade; Mutual)
    Fernandez is a control master. He’s got 2 great pitches, an average pitch, and a below average pitch. He’s durable. He’s got good velocity. He’s very good against RHB and good against LHB. Not a groundball pitcher, but will strike out a lot of batters.
  3. Brandon Saunders (16-7, 2CG, 218.2IP, 3.46ERA, 1.29WHIP)
    Signed with CH2 (3 yrs/$19.5M)
    Saunders has a very good stamina/durability combination. He’s great against LHB, and good against RHB. He’s got solid velocity to go along with a solid ability to generate groundballs. He has one good pitch, and 4 average pitches. He’s got great control.

hurricane384’s take: There are some good pitchers available. You don’t have that unquestioned ace out here, as each of these guys have warts, but still a good group overall.


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