>Top LF


  1. Reed Hoyt TEX
    .278/.381/.552, 41 HR, 134 HR; 29/40 SB
    Average defender. Very durable. Great speed. Solid baserunner. Great power. Great against LHP and good against RHP. Good eye. Solid at making contact.
  2. Michael Blasingame LAA
    .315/.416/.515; 18 HR, 68 RBI in 110 Games
    Lacks ideal glove for LF. Durable. No health concerns. Makes good contact. Slightly above average power. Great against RHP. Above average against LHP. Great eye. Decent speed. poor baserunner.
  3. Sherman Thompson TEX
    .319/.404/.517; 24 HR, 104 RBI; 28/37 SB
    Average power. Great at making contact. Better against RHP than LHP. Great eye. Great baserunner. Good speed. Below average defensively. Durable. Lacks health concerns.

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