>Interview with the Augusta Nationals Management.

>This is John Kruk reporting live from Augusta where I have been lucky enough to get a roundtable of the manager, GM, and owner of the Nationals to come awnser a few questions. Let’s get it started. I’ll be asking the questions to you three.

First off, when is this team ever going to make the playoffs Mr. Wagner?

“Yee-haw! Boy am I glad you asked that question son! We are still in it to win it this year, and we will become champions sooner rather than later! Yes-siree, we have a great young core of players in place, the ballpark is in great shape, and we are going to turn this ship around and win it all this year!”

“What’s that Pam? Okay, I’m coming. Sorry Kruker, I have to go run my buisness so will have to skeeter-skate out of here bud.”

Wow. Your owner is really full of country energy isn’t he Gerry. Do I dare ask what your thought are on the team that you have put your handprints on?

“Sorry about that John. He is a little delusional. This team was suppossed to be good this year, and it hasn’t happened. Year 1 we traded our pitching away to get younger, and achieved that. Looking back, we probably wouldn’t have traded MENDY SUNG to Chicago, but with the other guys we brought in for our other pitchers, we got a good haul of younger players to help us out. In fact, we just made a trade to bring in a young pitcher and outfielder that may help us in the future.”

“The team has little payroll in the future, which keeps us flexible and our team will only get better with experience. We are loaded up and down the system with hitters, and that will be tough down the line to try and find guys that can hit in our park. We have been a little disapointed in our pitching up and down the system, but we are in the process of trying to get that fixed.”

Who would you say are your top guys in your system Gerry?

“Good question. If I had to rank them, I would rank them in no particular order of Roger Watkins, Milton Guerrero, Yovani Pena, Andre Michalak, Christopher Spencer not too far away. We are real excited about our top 2 picks from last year in Don Wagner and Ray Hernandez, and we are looking to keep trying to build up that system to help us in the future.”

There are rumors floating around that you may not be the gm longer if the team can’t turn it around. Is that true Gerry?

“I can’t control what happens to me in the future. My job is to put what I think is the best team on the field. That’s all I can do. Past that, it is out of my hands.”

Brad, you have being waiting patiently this whole time. Who are the guys that you loving playing everyday on this major league club?

“Well, this club is young, and I’m just trying to get time to the young players to develop. Dean Gagne, Richard Jones, and Edguardo Guerrero provide us great stability and defense in thier respected postions. Derrin Henry is pretty stable at the back of our pen too.”

Are you frustrated that you have no veteran players on the squad or get traded away all the time?

“I wish we did have a good core of clubhouse guys to teach the younger players how to behave, but I knew coming in to this job was that we were trying to get younger. I think it was why I was hired anyways. It can be frustrating to lose all the time, what I try to do is install an approach to look at it one game at a time, and learn something from every game. We will be good with the young players we have, it just might not be in the timetable our owner has.”

Who would you say are your rivals?

“Well all I know is I hate playing Minnesota. Scranton and Dover have started to get their own rivalries based on seeing them a ton, but we haven’t had much luck against Norfolk yet for it to be a rilvalry.”

Okay, thanks guys for sitting around while I ask you questions.


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