>Mid-Season Snapshots – AL

>The AL West is the most entertaining division to watch. After leading the division early, the Rockies cooled somewhat and sit in last place, six games above .500. The Angels have a fight on their hands to repeat.

Surprise stat: the Colorado Rockies have 73 spectacular defensively plays, while making only 5 bad ones – leading the league in both categories. Congratulations to Hipolito Iglesias, who set a new MLB record with his 26-game hitting streak earlier this season.

In the AL East, the Baltimore Orioles may already have clinched a playoff spot. Behind strong pitching and an offense built around the long ball, the birds have a 21-game lead at the All-Star break.

Surprise stat: the Baltimore Orioles are one of only two American League teams in the top ten in WHIP. They lead the AL with a mark of 1.22.

The White Sox are the latest division leaders of the AL North, winning five straight to nudge their record a game over 0.500. It will be interesting to see if one of the AL North contenders makes a trade to tie up the division crown. Last season, no team with a losing record won a division.

Surprise stat: Lead by the big stick of Trevor McEnerny, who has socked 34 long balls, the White Sox are going yard often and lead the majors in home runs. Only one other player has hit more.

The Texas Rangers are walking away with the AL South division lead – literally. The team ranks second in walks and first in On-base Percentage in the major league. All those baserunners are finding the plate as well as Texas leads the league in runs scored.

Surprise stat: Texas’s Reed Hoyt’s batting average is hovering around .390 at the All-Star break. Will he have a chance to finish the season at .400? One other national league player has a shot as well.

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