Who am I? Why am I here?

So this website and my presence on all these different networks were spawned by a simulation baseball game. One night I thought I’d rant about the New World Order. Alex Jones, NFormD, & Freedomizer Radio all encouraged people to go out and blog, youtube, or podcast truth and wake people up. After doing that show I got this idea that I could pull people from the simulation game over to my little NWO show and use one of my favorite hobbies to spread “truth”. It never really worked out that way. I did manage to continue to do both shows for over a year now. Apr 10′ is the Knucklebones Radio birthday.

Both podcasts have their share of fans and haters. That goes with the territory of being any kind of public figure. I guess the difference is at my level its completely thankless. Personal attacks at the height of my popularity put me into attack mode.  It seems the quality message and the good work I thought I was doing was diverted by my temper. Thats a real shame. Open mouth insert foot sometimes. Im hoping to rise up and out of the drama created by my temper and other hosts. I’d also like to find a way to improve the baseball show.  They are both worlds apart and its not easy to do.

Anyways my main focus is the real world. I take time out of the day to play my little baseball game and I do the occaisional podcast for it. On my alternative news podcast my focus is off course nowadays. I’ve been caught up in rivalries and forgot the mission. I guess everyone is aware that listens and you all are probably more tired than I am of it.

Numbers don’t lie and whatever I’ve done over the past year, I’ve been consistently good in my radio section. I’d didn’t get that popularity warring with other hosts. I got it with the content of my show and being myself. I’m trying to get back to that and I’ve got some good allies around me. WVER, Commoncents, WeWorkforhim.com (Rich), Minds of Conspiracy have all been great. There are many others around that inspire me in different ways. Its a sort of a loose alliance but I think we all push each other in a good way.

Unfortunately differences with Proof Negative, Crazy Wolf, Wild Goose, & some others push me in a different way. I get focused on them and not on what Im doing. For that I apologize to my listeners. Im not on air to play games. I take what I talk about seriously and I let this atmosphere take me away from that.

In the end Im a simple person. Im humbled by my own mistakes and feel blessed that I can write, do radio, and live my life. I know it can all be taken away in a second. Im the luckiest guy out there in a three legged dog kind of way….

Bottom line is Im a lucky guy and it doesn’t take very long for me to remind myself of it. Im back on course. There is nothing more important to me than the freewill God gave us. I will fight for it. I will uncover the truth. I will fight for what I believe in. I will fight for a better World.

Just because I have faith in God and believe that Jesus saved me doesn’t mean I will try to force that on people. I deal with the real. We need to change the direction of the societies we live in. Its time for the good people of the World to speak up and fight. Lets have a New World Order without leaders, where all men are created equal and treated with respect. Lets have a World where the strong help the weak and not devour them. Those of you that are awake are obligated to strive harder. I know I can’t accept anything less than all I have to give to this cause.

Stay tuned for some inspired radio knuckleheads…



About Knucklebones Radio

Previous Archives are available on itunes. In the podcast section search Knucklebones Radio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones is the main link. I'm also doing radio out of http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wwrr and also http://www.blogtalkradio.com/smartpolitricks. Also over 600 archives - push the blubrry button on www.knucklebonesradio.net
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