A Break in the Action

Im in negotiations with some other people on blogtalkradio.com about getting together on a network/sharing the cost. Since their accounts are good until the end of the month, Im taking a week off from my own network. Whatever I do I will have at the very least audio stream running through my site. I’ve put a lot of effort into my site, networking, and brushing up on my radio skills. I’ve nearly had to take a college course here to wear all the hats Im wearing.

Im looking forward to this alliance but ol’ knucklebones doesn’t seem to play well with others. So far on WVER & Commoncents there have been no problems. I’ve teamed up famously with some others and that didn’t work out so well. I guess we’ll wait and see. Even if I got angry with these guys, it’d be tough to vent and I’d feel guilty about it. Way too nice of people to have many problems with is all I can say. If there was then maybe I’d be the guilty party. Cant end up being the heal with these guys.

Im going to guess people will have 2nd thoughts about it. Maybe we can reach more people separate, just mention each other and trade hosts. Doing the math on BTR, unless you’re going full bore and going with your own brand, you’d be better off with the lowest premium. I don’t know how difficult it’d be for us to agree on a brand name, scheduling, site, and who would be in control. It would take a leap of faith on the part of 3 or 4 people.

So anyway we’ll see what happens. Some of the baseball people have been asking about the show. Unfortunately live listeners is where its at and the baseball people seem to avoid it like the plague. I have to consider no one wants to pitch in other than the one exception (nyaggie98) – thanks to him once again for supporting the show by splitting the cost a few months. Since there is revenue sharing and that reduces the cost, I have to go with who listens live.

Audio stream is bare bones cheap and I can run that at will. Im more than happy to do the baseball daily through that method. Anyways everything I do on the radio online is always a work in progress. I’d love to get to the point where I run it exclusively through my site.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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