Welcome to my Nightmare, I think you’re going to like it – Alice Cooper

I am by no means promoting the work of Alice Cooper although I like the song. The title of this post reminds me of what I do here on the Radio. I walk the highwire act of trying to make “Truth” paletable.

While others say they promote  preparation and take action, I feel its just to generate money for so called survialist products. Alex Jones has an Iodine tablet for every fukishima disaster, a real johnny on the spot. The Gold & Silver people… wait til they pull the plug on the price of those investments. Another swindle, I really feel like somethings up with that.

People like to mock the “Conspiracy Theorists”. Some of the best minds and quality people I’ve met on the internet fit that description. I say to them keep up the good fight. There is no more important preparation than to expose corruption and promote a better way of life. I’m surrounded by people who do just that and Im happy to be among them. Its getting easier to identify the phonies out there.

I want to make it clear that I believe in free markets and I have nothing against people making a buck. I find it lame to make a buck off peoples paranoia, but at the same time I believe in the right to do so. A lot of effort goes into keeping a site running and a podcast/audio stream entertaining. Anyone who has tried can attest.

Support the ones you like (including mine) when you can, if you can. Its the only way some of us can continue in this economy. I’ve made it work for a year paying into blogtalk, my site, audio stream, and spending many hours researching and doing the shows. A little goes a long way with me wether its hits on my site or throwing me a five spot through paypal. I’d prefer you give it direct to knucklebones@rocketmail if you do, but donating is ok too. (They charge for donations)

I’ve been lucky to have had some great guests on my shows and I’ve learned a lot. It seems my following has been pretty consistent. I hope you all don’t get too comfortable and continue to share/like and tell people about my Knucklebones Radio. I’ve come a long way in a year and have seen many come and go and I don’t want to join them through indifference. Please continue to spread the word if you feel I do a good job. Thanks to everyone who has helped, been on the show, or helped with the site. Thanks especially to the listeners, you make it all worthwhile.

Although my network is in neutral you can still catch me on Saturday 7pm Pacific on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wver & Thursday 7pm Pacific on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/commoncents. See you then!


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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