Knucklebones Radio Returns!

Ok, it looks like there isn’t any rush to get the network alliance together and theres too much to it to decide quickly. Im going to be putting my own network back online starting today. I of course have the audio stream and like to do shows randomly on that. Chances are, if you hear my voice on the site, its live radio if its not simulation baseball. If it is simulation baseball those guys are aware of it.

I will continue to run my network as I’ve done over the past year. No real structure and all willy nilly. I of course will continue to uncover the conspiracies and take a look to find the truth in them. I will get the guests for interviews as they are available. I will also continue to play music from the indpendent artists who provide it. Thanks to all the great guests I’ve had the honor to interview over the last year, you know who you are. Ava Aston, Jah Jah, Scrap Metal Bomb, William Ramsey, William Hathaway, Lanaia Lee, John Kuhles, Tracy L.

I’d like to think I had a hand in inspiring at least the name of the Freedompalooza festival going on in Pa. Its common knowledge I promoted a so-called FreedomizerFestival when I was on Freedomizer. I’d also like to think Im the guy who got Jason Bermas to come on Freedomizer, didn’t get the interview but I provoked it happening through facebook.

Anyways been a fun year and Im slightly taking credit for stuff I only thought of – oh well. I’ve had fun and look forward to anther year of online radio. As you can tell from the site and my show, I’ve come a long way. I hope you will all continue to visit my site and maybe click and ad if you like what you see. Google knows what you want so you should see something – support your hosts! 🙂 Thanks everyone for making the show what it is. Without the support of my Knuckleheads over the last year, Im not writing this.

Im still going to fight for a primetime spot for awhile 7-9pm Pacific sounds good. Remember that Rich from we work for is on Thursdays on my network. Im on Commoncents thursday, and WVER saturday 7-9 and 7-10pm Pacific weekly.


About Knucklebones Radio

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