98.5 WVER VE RADIO Rising…

Well it’s finally happened. Although the new so-called super network may be clunky at first we seem to have a good team with people of good character. We also have Will Z. P.I. to keep us in line. I guess I wasn’t as attached to the knucklebones name as I thought I’d be. We’ll be firing up the WVER machine later today 7/10/11.

The lineup includes Ninja Scroll – former member of the Wu-Ninjas, part of the Wu-Tang clan. He is also a host on Freedomizer Radio on BTR (blogtalkradio.com). I was previously a host on Freedomizer and left to pursue either a partnership or do my own thing with Knucklebones Radio.  I may do both. Knucklebones for sports and my Truth/NWO stuff on WVER. Purvigiggle is a YouTuber in additon to her Hostess spot on this network. Will Z. P.I., owner of the Private Investigator company of the same name in Florida and online, Host of Minds of Conspiracy and now partners on this network. Rich from weworkforhim.com has been a host on my network and will now be here instead.

We intend to add hosts as we go and will be looking for sponsors/advertising for the network down the road. This will be a predominantly christian network with me as the rogue or holdout. You may hear a cuss word out of me now and again and although a believer I don’t attend church, at least the conventional kind. What I mean is I sort of do it out in the world and online. Carrying on…

We look forward to promoting truth and to show that high moral character is cool. Come check out the new network 7 days a week on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wver. 8pm – 2am  Eastern or so until we get the scheduling straight.

About Knucklebones Radio

Previous Archives are available on itunes. In the podcast section search Knucklebones Radio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones is the main link. I'm also doing radio out of http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wwrr and also http://www.blogtalkradio.com/smartpolitricks. Also over 600 archives - push the blubrry button on www.knucklebonesradio.net
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