That sound you hear….

That sound you hear is me (Larry aka knucklebones) leaving any hopes of a sponsor in the dust. I said it last night and Ill type it today here – the best sponsor is myself. I have things that I should give up anyhow and the need to expand my humble network seems to be enough motivation. What I mean is Im hoping to trade off the dreaded cigs in exchange for paying for a more premium network on Up to me I guess.

Anyway, today is the day. Im down to the last cig and the store is <<<< right there. Lets see if I can at least make it through the day. The deal is if I can quit until my next payment is due I can purchase the next premium package up.

I mean who really wants to hear more knucklebones radio anyhow? What is it exactly I do here? If you had appeared on my site just randomly you wouldn’t have a clue. The facts are my site and show are always changing. As I learn the ins and outs of online media I change with what I think will make  more professional radio.

I still intend to cover 911 issues, causes, and events that I stumble across. This is often since my fbook pals seem to be pretty informative that way. The same with my New World Order (One World Government) topics. I not only research the history of it but talk about current events. I randomly get interviews with different talents wether it be music, video, authors, activists, and others related to these topics and some who aren’t.

I’ve managed to gather a few autographs and meet some interesting people. I’ve been at it a year and a half nearly and I have no intention of stopping. Radio is something I can do as long as I can speak. I look forward to more of it. My main hope is that the world isn’t as bad as it seems and we’ve seen this movie before. Everything will be ok.

Keeping that in mind, I try to keep my network fun and informative. I look forward to seeing you all on the shows. If you read these blogs, please remember to share/follow/tweet for me I appreciate it. The same goes for blogtalkradio, please remember to do the same for the show if you have any significant amount of networking done. In other words if its actually your 5 “real” friends and family I dont want you to bug em with it. The +1 thing with google is the one I like the most – its attached to everything. The all seeing eye of google :/ hahaha – Anyways see you on the next one.


My schedule is daily on – you can listen right from the chatroom on my site. The on air button will be blinking if Im actually on air and you should be able to listen live right from there when I am. Just push play. Either way the previous 5 podcasts are there to listen to and I appreciate every listen. They all count. Generally I do the shows super latenight at 11pm Pacific, but sometimes I do them earlier – its random.

Remember, on Thursdays Im still with Jay’s at 10pm Pacific, and Saturdays on Ninja Scroll’s at the same time.




About Knucklebones Radio

Previous Archives are available on itunes. In the podcast section search Knucklebones Radio. is the main link. I'm also doing radio out of and also Also over 600 archives - push the blubrry button on
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