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Im back on my perch at midnight. I’ll be missing a lot of the regulars in the daytime but I guess I can catch them when I run Commoncents & WVER.

I intend to do another interview with Tracy Lannan (Friend of William Cooper – yeah, that William Cooper). Last time I talked with him he seemed anxious to do another show. Also in August I will have author William Ramsey of http://www.occult911.com. In between then and now I will start doing more about the Bohemian Grove, Subjects relating to William Cooper, and more Occult themed NWO shows to prepare for William Ramsey.

Going to make this short and sweet tonight, just giving people some idea what I will have on the menu in the near future.

Over the past year I’ve covered everything from Annunaki to Zionism and Im at a p0int now where I’ll be reviewing all those topics again A thru Z. Now if I can just stay in the same timeslot and build some consistency I should be ok.

Hopefully I can build up a good listener base like I had before I started moving around. It cost me a lot of progress attempting to fit in with these other networks. I just have to be me and thats what you’re going to get.

I am a believer in the Bible but I dont go to church nor do I c0nsider myself qualified to preach to anyone. That being said I will reference the Bible often when talking about New World Order topics. This isn’t necessarily because I want to, its just that the “opponents” seem to believe in their own God – Lucifer. By referencing the Bible I mean in a vague sense. My beliefs are through faith alone, not my complete knowledge of the scriptures. In other words this isn’t a religious show.

Most regular listeners know what my show is about. I have my good days and bad. Good moods and bad. I do radio everyday. If you caught one and didn’t like it, try again and  you may be impressed.

Anyways back at it 11pm Pacific 6 or 7 days a week depending. Every now and then I need a break.

About Knucklebones Radio

Previous Archives are available on itunes. In the podcast section search Knucklebones Radio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones is the main link. I'm also doing radio out of http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wwrr and also http://www.blogtalkradio.com/smartpolitricks. Also over 600 archives - push the blubrry button on www.knucklebonesradio.net
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