The Nephilim

Tonight on The RudeAwakening show we’ll discuss “The Nephilim”.  The Nephilim were said to be the offspring of the “Sons of God” and the “Daughters of Men”. They were also known as “The Fallen Ones”. I believe these Nephilim were the offspring of Fallen Angels and Human Females. Funny coincidence, my co-host Grape Ape had mentioned before that Aryans are also known as Fallen Ones.

The Nazi party had members in the Vril Society that were said to be in contact “subterranean extraterrestrials”. They would allegedly do rituals and blood sacrifice in return for “Vril Energy” and/or Knowledge. Those in the Vril society had drawn up plans for an anti-gravity machine that resembles what we would think of as a flying saucer. These plans were discovered after the defeat of the Germans.

Imagine Immortal creatures/Angels having offspring with Humans. These offspring would have abilities normal Human Beings wouldn’t. They would be thought of as Deities or Gods. Maybe some of the Greek Myths and the characters portrayed in them weren’t myths after all. I don’t care to offer a guess to the offspring, but I’d guess these Fallen Angels would’ve been immortal. It’s said that the Great Flood was brought about partly because of this abomination. It’s said that some survived as Demons/Spirits cursed by God and focused on deceiving and tempting God’s Children. I guess this is who the Creator had in mind when he said have no other God’s before me in the 10 Commandments.

Tying all this together I’ve come up with what I think would be a logical alternative to Reptilians/Shapeshifters as David Icke describes. Our Worlds elite are of this bloodline that mated with Fallen Angels. They have abilities the rest of us don’t have and may appear to look like Reptilians (Aliens) or “shapeshift”. I believe this is because they are required to do ritual/sacrifice and become possessed by those Immortal Fallen Angels/Demons in order to have power. So when you look on some of these people what you’re seeing is the demon that possessed them on the inside.

Anyways we will learn together and debate our thoughts. I wrote this up on short notice and it’s obviously one of those Theories you can’t prove. Seeing as the basis for this theory resides in the Bible, I’d guess that most God fearing people would be able to consider it. Of course, those that base everything in logic and science won’t buy this theory. Would they buy it if I called these creatures Aliens rather than Fallen Angels? I’d say people of all walks of life have more in common than they care to admit. I guess it’s just the way things are worded sometimes. To be continued….

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