So,… about that schedule and show preview….

I didn’t make it in last night so we didn’t have a preview on here about it. That’ll happen now and then. I try to do as much radio as possible without me getting burned out or having the content suffer. Since I put full schedules up beforehand there’s really no calling in “sick” if I can’t make it or I don’t feel like I’ll put out a good podcast and spare people the grief,

I have a Facebook page and group. Simply search in Facebook for either or both and join my relatively small groups for up to date Knucklebones Radio anything – Or at least as up to date as I can be. I posted there last night when I intended to miss the show and that seemed to appease my main listeners. To those of you that listen through other means or don’t come to for the live shows, apologies but there’s no real way to notify the rest of you.

I’ve been at it for 3 plus years and this is entirely a hobby in addition to being what I feel is a noble cause. I’m just saying this isn’t a paid gig. It’s a lot more involved than just plain radio. I have to research and fact check or be held accountable. I spend 5 nights a week at it on one network and 3 on another. (NOPCRadioNetwork, SmartPoliTricks, at I have to be a part-time html coder/website builder, Tech Junkie, Radio Host, Blogger, and Researcher. So if it’s not up to par just know that it’s a work in progress and I’ve come a long way. You will get legitimate efforts from me as far as sharing the topics people concerned with Truth are talking about.

I’ve always had reason to question Authority and their do as I say not as I do mentality. This has been something that has driven me for most of my life. Even God allowed us lowly humans a freewill. Why would I let other men take it away in the name of my own good?

Tonights show will continue with topics from the Destiny Lab tags as I said in the beginning of the week. Last night we talked Nephilim. Tonight I intend to review Project Bluebeam and/or Majestic Twelve.

About Knucklebones Radio

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