My Name is Controversy

It could’ve been something I’ve said on my podcasts. Of course I had to re-blog it.


I didn’t come here to make friends or win any popularity contests. I offer no fluffy feel good words with which to stroke your ego, and hardly ever tell you what you want to hear. I will not be ignored. I stand my ground and speak my mind… even if my voice shakes.


I came to get under your skin and shake things up a bit. I fully intend to stir up a very uncomfortable state of cognitive dissonance within your mind. I might offend, frighten, infuriate or even disgust you. At the very least, I will irritate you.


I am one of those people. You know ones wearing the funny hats, with the strange accents, doing those socially unacceptable things that we always do.


I’m not a conformist and often partake in civil disobedience. I am Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the…

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