A History of White House Christmas Cards

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UPDATE:  Here’s the official 2013 White House Christmas Card.  (TheBlaze received one and published photos of it, seen below). It’s a beautiful card, do you agree? (photos by Eddie Scarry of TheBlaze)




We don’t know yet what this year’s official White House Christmas — oops — “holiday” card will look like, although we do have an idea it might be this one, commissioned by the White House Historical Association and painted by John Hutton, 53, an associate professor of art history and professional illustrator.

The scene depicts a tribute to America’s first socialist president Woodrow Wilson. Apropos, wouldn’t you say?


Though the Whitehouse.gov website has not yet officially announced the annual White House card design, we can be pretty sure it’ll be this one, given the subject – a socialist president and his sheep.

“This year’s watercolor card features a serene, pastoral scene on the front lawn of the White…

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