Knucklebones Rude Awakening presents Hip Hop Artist WAKE


Knucklebones Rude Awakening presents Hip Hop Artist WAKE next Sunday night, March 2nd, 2014 at 11pm Eastern. WAKE attracted my attention with their song “William Cooper”. As followers of my show know, I’m inspired by William Cooper. WAKE is cutting edge and I predict big thing for them in the future. We’ll talk about what they have going on musically and as always I’ll ask some current event questions to keep with the theme of my show. I’m looking forward to introducing a new artist to my circles. I hope you’ll mark this on your calendar and join us! Here is some info from their soundcloud page:

I want you to take a second. Take a deep breath. Gather yourself. Because what you’re about to hear may sound fragmented and disorienting, an unpredictable swirl of amorphous beats, shadowy sonics and cryptic rhymes. This is, after all, unconfined, exploratory hip hop; it’s a striking aural document that alternates between the headiness of spaced-out psychedelia and a lunging bass groove that leaves behind a feeling of stark unease
– Latest Disgrace


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