Interview with Thunder Lightteam (8/11/14 at 11pm EST)

Thunder Lightteam returns to Knucklebones Rude Awakening. This time on the World Wide Resistance Radio Network on Monday Night 8/11/14 at 11pm EST.

I’m normally a skeptic about “quantum” anything but Thunder presented his product and ideas well on our 1st interview.

Some of the more Technologically minded people among my social circles were impressed enough to join his page, receive a free “healing” text, and purchase products.

I, myself, still remain skeptical,  but this is Quantum Mechanics and it may as well be Alien Technology to me. If New Age Technologies, Holographs, Frequencies, make sense to you than you’ll definitely be interested in this podcast. If you’re like me, than you’re a little apprehensive about New Age and Quantum Mechanics but this should help clear some of your questions up.

The last podcast was marred by Technical Difficulties. I’m hoping for more of a smooth ride this time. Only the beginning was a bit rough but we stuck with it and saved the show. That archive can be found on the blubrry player on my site. ( In case you are reading this direct from wordpress


More Info Can be found about Thunder Lighteam on the Radio Guest portion of my site. Click his picture.–interview-w-thunder-lightteam



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