Knucklebones Rude Awakening – Interview /w Edith Komes (RE: Wesley Clark)

Edith Komes

Edith Komes is an Anonymous Activist from The Netherlands. Mrs.Komes has claimed to have witnessed her father being bound and tortured by United States Army General Wesley K. Clark Jr. ( She also claims to have been kidnapped by Clark. This story is walking a fine line as Clark was once head of NATO and also a Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2004.

Mrs Komes called into the show on 7/21/14. After listening to the interview you may determine she is telling the truth. If so, and you feel compelled to help please sign her petition on:

Here are some links to her blogs:

Here is the link to the interview:


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One Response to Knucklebones Rude Awakening – Interview /w Edith Komes (RE: Wesley Clark)

  1. Edith Komes says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thank you very much for placing the Information on here. And also thanks for the interview.
    In the case that you or your listeners have further questions about the case, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    Actually everything that I claim could easily be proven by any normal police facility that wants to investigate or any newspaper that wants to investigate. On my blogs you will find a list of dates that Wesley Clark cannot possibly have an alibi for because he was in Europe and busy with multiple crimes such as kidnapping or torturing.

    And of course it is not possible to get away with such a long list of crimes and remain totally unseen. So there is a long list of witnesses that besides myself have seen Clark commit crimes in Europe. I have send the list to the following police and justice departments: Europol, Eurojust, Rijksrecherche (Dutch federal police), the BKA (German federal police) plus the Bundespolizei and Kriminalpolizei in Germany, the FBI, the CID, plus a long list of district attorneys in the US, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Of course I cannot just publish a list of witnesses on the Internet for obvious reasons. I would have to fear that these people get intimidated by the Pentagon straight away. 2 Belgian policemen of the Antwerp Police where present and have taken pictures while Clark was torturing my dad on June 26 of 1999 in Antwerp Belgium.

    Within Germany there are certain policemen that have acknowledged knowing about Clarks crimes long before I have ever pressed criminal charges. So within police forces in Europe it is pretty well known and very well documented what Clark has done. So anyone inside the US who meets Clark feel free to stick a microphone and camera under his nose and ask the criminal animal where he was according to himself on the long list of dates that I mention on my blogs. And be aware that Clark will in all likelihood become tomato red and get very annoyed straight away because he does not have an answer or would have to admit to a long list of very serious crimes.

    As much as I find that the description “Anonymous Activist from Denmark” sounds very charming, I am actually German as far as nationality is concerned, so is my entire family. But I am living in the Netherlands. Have never been to Denmark. Even though I understand that from an American perspective, the Netherlands and Denmark are very close. Within Europe those are 2 different countries.

    Again thank you very much for taking the time to help me bring attention to the case. If anyone has any kind of question about this, please do not hesitate to ask and I will answer everything that I do know.

    I get many questions as to Clarks motives. To be honest, in order to get to the bottom of his motives we would have to put Clark on trial and investigate the details and that is so far exactly what multiple governments in Europe plus the US have been refusing to do. My best guess is this: I have predicted the 9/11 attack of September 11 of 2001 on the WTC and the Pentagon more than 12 times between 1966 and September of 2001 before it happened. My clairvoyance is very proven inside the Pentagon and the CIA (Donald Rumsfeld actually calls me Spitback 500 during a NATO summit in Prague in 2002) and as far as I can tell, Clark got placed in Germany (living next door to my parents house for 2 years in 1975/76 at the address: Tränkgasse in a small village called Landscheid, Eifel in Germany very close to US Airbase Spangdahlem) with his entire family in 1975. The intention of the Pentagon probably was to gain new information because I had started to predict the future 9/11 attack as far back as 1966. Clark however felt stepped on his toes because he got transferred from Washington to a small village in Germany, a country that he has always hated. Clark started to stalk and harass me straight away in 1975. And also started to feed the Pentagon with lies and false information as far back as 1975. Clark has never ever been interested in saving a single person that got killed during the 9/11 attack. The only thing that matters to Clark is his giant ego and his ambition.

    As far as I am able to tell, Clark never had any Pentagon orders to torture my dad but did that himself and once he has done that, the CIA helps him to cover up his crimes. And of course Pentagon and NATO very much aide to help him cover up his long list of crimes as well, because the truth would be embarrassing to them. One of the problems I have in motivating the police in Europe to investigate is this: No police station dares to seriously investigate Pentagon and NATO.

    I have phoned the White House several times and received the following information from them: No. 1 since I am not an American citizen and it is the Pentagon (represented by Wesley Clark) who committed several crimes towards my family, I was advised to please turn to European facilities for an investigation. No. 2 furthermore the people inside the White House also told me that even if I was an American citizen, the FBI would in the US not have any jurisdiction to investigate crimes committed by the Pentagon. In short: the Pentagon can commit torture and murder as much as they like and it seems like no one is responsible for investigating their crimes.

    Of course I refuse to give up on my dad. The last time that I was forced to witness my dad getting tortured is in May of 2011 inside a hospital in the Netherlands. For the very first time, Wesley Clark was not present during the torture. Instead I had the former Dutch crown prince and nowadays King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander of Orange and his wife Queen Maxima show up the week afterwards. While Willem-Alexander has apologized for the fact that the Dutch secret service AIVD has aided Clark with his crimes and without any request from me for any kind of money or damage fee, Willem-Alexander has asked me what I would do with 3 million euro if he were to give me that amount of money. His wife (Maxima is the daughter of Jorge Zorreguita, who was part of the Argentinean Videla regime) Maxima of Orange however seems to have learned from her very corrupt dad that it can be practical to lie when you are part of very corrupt regime that tortures. Maxima claims to be clueless.

    Just in case people might be wondering why I talk about torture and pre-meditated murder on my blogs. The multiple cases of torture (in Belgium in 1992, on US Airbase Spangdahlem in 1996, in the Netherlands in 1998, and next in Antwerp in Belgium on June 26 of 1999) is something that I and multiple other people have witnessed. The torture in Antwerp of June 26 of 1999 was so heinous and bloody that I for a very long time assumed that my dad had not survived it. So when I started my blogs in 2010 I was actually assuming that my dad was no longer alive. In May of 2011 after several visits from the Dutch King I have actually found out that it seems that my dad is still alive and is currently held captive in the Netherlands. No matter what the outcome is, I want Wesley Clark on the electric chair for multiple kidnappings plus multiple very nasty torture cases that I was forced to witness.

    Larry, again thank you very much for your time and effort. And for any further questions please contact me at: es.komes(at)

    Kind Regards,
    Edith Komes

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