Interview with Thunder Lightteam (8/11/14 at 11pm EST)

Thunder Lightteam returns to Knucklebones Rude Awakening. This time on the World Wide Resistance Radio Network on Monday Night 8/11/14 at 11pm EST.

I’m normally a skeptic about “quantum” anything but Thunder presented his product and ideas well on our 1st interview.

Some of the more Technologically minded people among my social circles were impressed enough to join his page, receive a free “healing” text, and purchase products.

I, myself, still remain skeptical,  but this is Quantum Mechanics and it may as well be Alien Technology to me. If New Age Technologies, Holographs, Frequencies, make sense to you than you’ll definitely be interested in this podcast. If you’re like me, than you’re a little apprehensive about New Age and Quantum Mechanics but this should help clear some of your questions up.

The last podcast was marred by Technical Difficulties. I’m hoping for more of a smooth ride this time. Only the beginning was a bit rough but we stuck with it and saved the show. That archive can be found on the blubrry player on my site. ( In case you are reading this direct from wordpress


More Info Can be found about Thunder Lighteam on the Radio Guest portion of my site. Click his picture.–interview-w-thunder-lightteam



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The Coalition Presents: The Arsenal of Sound 08/03 by NWO Truth Radio | Blogs Podcasts

The Coalition Presents: The Arsenal of Sound 08/03 by NWO Truth Radio | Blogs Podcasts.

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Knucklebones Rude Awakening – Interview /w Tracy Lannum


On 4/20/14 at 6pm Pacific, join me on the Rancho Radio Network on for an Interview with former friend of William Cooper, Tracy Lannum. William of course isn’t with us anymore, but Tracy continues the fight against Global Government and Tyranny in his own rite. We’ll be discussing Decriminalization vs Legalization of Marijuana.

Tracy has been on Knucklebones Rude Awakening multiple times and it’s always a special occasion for the show. In the past we discussed all things William Cooper and Current Events. Towards the end of the interview I’ll be taking calls on our topic and listeners may also ask whatever questions they have and about Cooper if they choose.–interview-w-tracy-lannum


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Knucklebones Rude Awakening presents Independent Recording Artist – Renegade Smith.


Renegade Smith is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an Anti World Government Activist, Indpendent Recording Artist, and Radio Host. Renegade joins me tonight to discuss his upcoming album “Refusing to Remain Silent”, including his new song “Pawns”. Pawns is a song about the music industry. We’ll listen to some songs from his roots and then continue to play his newer music. As always we’ll discuss current events concerning the World Government plan and all things Truth. Renegade Smith separates himself from your common musician by including positive messages and Truth in his music.

Check our all of Renegade Smiths’ Links:

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Knucklebones Rude Awakening presents Hip Hop Artist WAKE


Knucklebones Rude Awakening presents Hip Hop Artist WAKE next Sunday night, March 2nd, 2014 at 11pm Eastern. WAKE attracted my attention with their song “William Cooper”. As followers of my show know, I’m inspired by William Cooper. WAKE is cutting edge and I predict big thing for them in the future. We’ll talk about what they have going on musically and as always I’ll ask some current event questions to keep with the theme of my show. I’m looking forward to introducing a new artist to my circles. I hope you’ll mark this on your calendar and join us! Here is some info from their soundcloud page:

I want you to take a second. Take a deep breath. Gather yourself. Because what you’re about to hear may sound fragmented and disorienting, an unpredictable swirl of amorphous beats, shadowy sonics and cryptic rhymes. This is, after all, unconfined, exploratory hip hop; it’s a striking aural document that alternates between the headiness of spaced-out psychedelia and a lunging bass groove that leaves behind a feeling of stark unease
– Latest Disgrace

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Upcoming Interview /w Lil Blaze – Hip Hop Artist


Lil Blaze is an inspiration to all those who think they can’t reach higher and succeed. He is the Manager, Founder, CEO, Promoter, Song Writer, Blogger, Poet, and MC at (6 Wheels Entertainment). Check out his page on Facebook for more information.

He also has a YouTube channel and a page on Reverbnation 

I always look for those I’d consider to be good role models for my Online Radio Interviews, but I was lucky enough that he found me. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Interview. If you like what you here and see, please help by nominating him for Just type in JDPAKALILBLAZE under Male Hip Hop Artist and enter his email in the appropriate Box

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Knucklebones Rude Awakening Interview /w Tracy Lannum (Friend of William Cooper)


Tonight (2/5/14) at 10pm Pacific I will interview Tracy Lannum. Tracy was a friend of William Cooper (Hour of the Time, Behold a Pale Horse) and I’m honored to have this True American Patriot on the show.

We’ll be discussing current events with our guest and may field questions pertaining to William Cooper. This is my 3rd or 4th Interview with Tracy Lannum and I value them as much as any I have done.

I look forward to this interview and hope you’ll drop by and join us tonight. As always archives are available 24/7/365 on my site Use the blubrry player.

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Interview /w Cory Legendre Author, Singer, Radio Host


Another special guest on tap for Saturday Nights show 3/1/14 at 10pm Pacific/-3/2/14 1am Eastern. American Singer, Author, and Radio Host – Cory Legendre. Here is some information about my Guest:

American singer, author and radio show host Cory Legendre (born 11/23/1992, Maine) has now had his tweets on Twitter glorified in a book, titled “@corylegendre: 2013” which is the first book in 2014 for the performer, leading to a food book to be released later that year, alongside the hope for a 2014 or 2015 launch of his new music show “allornothing.” Cory Legendre is willing to make appearances and is hoping to land a couple musical guest performances to not only promote the two books, but also to promote “allornothing.” He is also looking for the proper outlet for the potential return to radio show hosting after the previous run with Cory Live’s Radio Bedroom.

Booking available through email management (c/o: A. R. Le) –

From the original press release:
Cory Legendre’s Tweets Forever Glorified In A New Book
Authored by A. R. Le and Cory Legendre, “@corylegendre: 2013” follows Cory Legendre’s adventures through his tweets, but in further detail in comparison to the posts on the social network.

Jan. 2014 — Cory Legendre had an active year with the announcement of his tour, “allornothing,” and the other subtle, well hidden announcements about other parts of his career. Published by the CM-DT for sale on Amazon Kindle and Print Editions, “@corylegendre:2013 The Story Behind The Tweets” is a true look into Cory Legendre’s life, as he posted it. Mentioning his friends, family and a few other people, plus every place he’s gone — with full explanations, this book is set up to make it to the top of the best sellers list under the Biography genre.
For people that have never followed Cory Legendre on Twitter, this book will be a completely new yet shocking experience. If you’ve followed Cory and tweeted with him, you can guarantee you’re in the book, and he’s probably said something wonderful about you, as this book does give heavy praise to not just his friends and family, but to his dedicated fans that have followed his career through all it’s stages.
“Following Cory Legendre on Twitter can be very exciting and sometimes even a bit scary. And, then there’s the tweets that just don’t make any sense. There’s a lot of them — and in this book, you get to relive all the madness plus get extra commentary from Cory Legendre himself. This book is one you must have in your collection if you are a true Cory Legendre fan. Cory Legendre is an internationally known singer, author & radio show host/producer. One of the shows he is most known for is the radio show “Cory Live’s Radio Bedroom.” Many nights on that show were very awkward and sometimes a little off-color and out of control. Since retirement from that show, Cory has taken to social media to say what he wants to say….and it can be quite reminiscent of the old show.”

Talent like this doesn’t come along everyday and I’m looking forward to the interview. See you all Saturday Night!

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Interview /w Recording Artist Ghostryder 01/29 by Knucklebones Radio | Radio Podcasts

Interview /w Recording Artist Ghostryder 01/29 by Knucklebones Radio | Radio Podcasts.

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Interview /w Recording Artist Ghostryder


Indpendent Recording Artist, Ghostryder, will be on Knucklebones Rude Awakening this Wednesday night at 10pm Pacific/1am Eastern.

Ghostryder is an inspiration to young people, a great role model, and I’m honored to have him on the show. His recent album 1st Ammendment has been picking up steam in the Independent Music and Truth circles.

His recent hit “Rescue” has been played on FM Radio in the New Jersey area/New York area. It’s a song about Faith and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Other great collaborations are on the CD or Digital Download. Pro Pesci, Rosie Huttner, DISL Automatic, Steve Grant, and Lady Maverik.

Get yourself a copy or hook up with Ghostryder on the following links:

Youtube –
ReverbNation –
Website –
Booking – 856-899-8754

Hardcopies available at

Like him on Facebook –

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